Monday, December 30, 2013

2014 Resolution: Glittery Insides

It's here...the last day of December 2013.  The day before millions of people start their New Year's resolutions.  I have made and have consequently broken many in my past; last year I had perfect intentions of only making two resolutions with the hopes that I would be able to keep them if I made only two.  Well, that didn't work out too well as I never actually made the two resolutions.  The intentions to do so were good, stellar in fact; but the follow through, not so much.  

This year, it may seem as if I'm leaning a little more to the simplistic side as to avoid that which may appear more difficult to uphold; however, I can assure you, that isn't the case.  What I really want to do is to live more by faith, be filled more with hope and practice kindness at all times.  I want to practice more humility and love my neighbor, even during the times when every part of my being tells me not to do so.  And, I want to experience joy in every situation.  It's always there; I just don't always single it out.  Quite honestly, it would be much easier to just say that I'm going to cut back on my shoe or purse purchases or that I'm not going to drink as much Diet Dr. Pepper than to take on these ideas.  But I tend to venture down the roads (at times) that aren't always the easiest to navigate and this is usually when I learn the most, whether I'm a willing participant or not.  

Basically, I want to be more fabulous from the inside out.  I want what's on the inside to glitter as much as my shoes do, if not more!  I've already been working on these items during 2013, but I want to perfect them in 2014.  I know I won’t always succeed and I will surely falter from time to time but the great thing is:  with every second, I get a second chance.  There are 31,536,000 seconds in a year and that’s a lot of second chances! 

And PS and totally off topic, this is my 100th blog entry...I just celebrated a little milestone! :)

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